Journey to Believe Hope Live in Augusta, Maine Part 1


The morning started out like any other, it was warm, humid as my hubby drove me to the airport. It was quick and easy to get checked in and on my flight headed to Dulles International Airport. Arrival at Dulles was anything but simple. Compared to Savannah this airport was huge. I walked for miles before reaching the exit doors where I was to meet Kristin Clark for the first time. True, we had spoken on the phone countless times but this was different. Finally a face to face with ​first author I had served as personal assistant to.  Lots of emotions were spilling over me; nervousness, excitement, fangirl ​giddiness!  Kristin thought it would be cute to play a trick on me by calling me to say she was at a different airport.  Luckily I spotted her a few cars down.  Meeting Kristin for the first time was fantastic.  We hugged like old friends and I was immediately at ease. She is so chill and down to earth.  I also got to meet her friend from high school, Roberta, who would be joining us on this adventure too.  Robert was super sweet.  I am so glad I got to meet and hang out with her.  The three of us headed off to meet Elizabeth Kirke for lunch.  Fangirl moment #2 on the trip!

Honestly, I was more nervous about meeting Elizabeth Kirke.  The woman is a genius.  Since I act as her PA also I wanted to make a good impression.  We arrived at a little deli to find EK sitting at a small table outside.  She recognized us instantly.  Elizabeth is so tiny, bursting with energy; and not at all intimidating.  Kristin was fangirling it up too since we both fans of Elizabeth’s More Than Magic Series.  We even got signed copies of EK’s books!

Lynn. Elizabeth Kirke & Kristin Clark

After that Roberta, Kristin and I were off to complete our 13 hour journey to Augusta, Maine.  Yep.  You read that correctly 13 HOURS in a car!  It was an interesting journey.  First let me say that it felt like 12 of those hours were spent in Pennsylvania.  I didnt think I would ever get out of that state. Interesting fact; did you know that there is a place called Intercourse PA? Me either but it was on a shot glass so it must be true.   I had pizza in New Jersey.  Yum.  I think I had a potty break in every state.  Yes, I am that passenger.  I always have to go.   We also learned that the GPS is more of guide on how to get somewhere cause Kristin has her own plan of travel.


If you have read Kristin’s book The Chosen (did you notice the plug), then you know about the ancient witches who the descendants receive their powers from.  So we girls were talking about the power of the mind and controlling things when Roberta chimes in that Kristin should pay close attention to any animals on the side of the road (its late at this point). Kristin says if it runs out it is dead and then this happens… an animal, lets say it was owl (there is some debate), flys out and is hit by the car!  Moral of this story, the mind of a female is a powerful thing and don’t piss off Kristin cause she will run over you!


We finally arrived in Maine well after midnight,  and stopped off at the Maine was by far the most intriguing and adventurous stop on our trek. In the south we have deer crossing signs.  In Maine they have moose crossing signs.  Way cooler. But alas we didn’t see Bullwinkle.  We stopped at the Maine Welcome Center and Rest Area for what else but a bathroom break.  Roberta was walking around the parking lot while Kristin and I went inside the center.  Shortly after Roberta came running in exclaiming that she was attacked by a bat!  Okay, so I am a southern gal.  We have bats.  The fly around the security lights and eat bugs.  They don’t attack people.  This news didn’t comfort Roberta who insisted she was attacked.


Finally our trek ended at 3:30am when we arrived at the hotel in Augusta, Maine.  Stay tuned for my next blog all about my fangirl adventures as Believe Hope Live.


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