Amy Richie’s Cover Reveal for Black Dolphin


Coming Soon…

Eight years have passed since Rani, servant of Ortec shook up her entire city by giving birth to an unwanted child.

A strange sickness has come to Ortec, affecting the pregnant women. Rani finds herself locked in the safe room with seven other people to wait out the sickness. It’s on the day they open the door that the real mystery begins.

Ortec is empty. Completely empty. Where have all their people gone?
Then, to make things worse, a stranger soon comes to Ortec claiming he is there to save them. But this captain is no stranger to Rani. In fact, his eyes are very familiar. Frighteningly so.

Will Rani be forced to go with the captain Cyrus? And is he really there to save them or are his intentions more sinister?


About the Author  amyrichieprofile

Amy Richie was born in a small northern Ohio town where she grew up and lives there still with her three children. She comes from a large family with an even larger extended family. In 2012, Amy joined up with Anchor Group Publishing and now has two series started. The Immortal Love Series and The Blood Vine Series, a new YA. Amy writes things that are not of this world; either paranormal or fantasy. Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, time travel, ghosts, and even garden gnomes. To find out more about Amy Richie or her books visit her at


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