I don’t normally post a personal blog but today seemed like a good day to start. I awoke this morning in a reflective mood. I started my Facebook page and blog in February 2014. In the few short months that have followed I have “met” some pretty amazing people. 2 Girls & A Book has been blessed with an ever growing fan base and several authors have reached out to show their support.

I owe my friend Leann with the credit of renewing my love of reading last year. After attending YALL Fest in November 2013 and meeting some wonderful authors, I became a stalker. Yes, you can legally stalk authors on Facebook as long you don’t become a creeper. I instantly hit it off with author Christy Sloat. Christy introduced me to the world of Street Teams. Who knew I could share my love of books with others while promoting for one of my favorite authors and be part of an amazing support system for her as well. This kick started the vision of 2 Girls & A Book. I wanted a way to connect with others and share my passion and 2 Girls & A Book became that outlet.

My first review request came from author Kristin Clark. It was fate that she came across my page. That one tiny request has sparked a lifelong friendship. I am honored to be her assistant and help her grow and blossom in the literary world.

I have always loved the writings of Elizabeth Kirke but honestly she intimidated the heck out me. She is a genius. If you haven’t read her More Than Magic Series, you must. The term sneakily obvious applies to Elizabeth. Read her books and follow her on Facebook and you will understand why. I had the joy of working with Elizabeth Kirke to create and grow her Street Team and as an added bonus I got to read her lasted book, Carved In Cherry, before it was released to the public. She even gave me my highest honor to date by mentioning me in the acknowledgments in her book. Giddy with excitement doesn’t begin to describe my elation!

Another amazing moment for me this year was having author Alicia Michaels personally ask me to join her Street Team. She may not have thought it meant much but she would be wrong. It’s a great feeling being noticed and singled out by an amazing author.

Stacey Rourke, author and owner of Anchor Group Publishing, fosters my need to promote my passion of all things book. She has been a cheerleader in the corner for 2 Girls & A Book. Her support has been wonderful.

In closing I want to thank all of these talented ladies for supporting me. You have spawned a passion in me that I strive to spark in others. Thank you for all the cheerleading, love and books! You all hold a very special place in my heart.

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