Ivy (The Blood Vines Series Book 3) by Amy Richie

  Author:  Amy Richie
  Website:  http://amyrichie.weebly.com/
  Published: March 24, 2014
  Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
 YA, Paranormal, Werewolves

When I was six, a werewolf killed my parents. Then, she changed me and my sister, raising us as her own. One day I was forced to kill her, and now I’m hunting my sister. Who would have guessed my life would end up like this?

Willow Bennett is no ordinary werewolf. Never has been. Never will be. She leads the strongest pack alive, and with that comes the responsibility to stop the evil that is spreading throughout the world. Will she finally find her place in the world, or will hunting down the only family she has left prove to be her undoing?

Ivy is the third and final installment of the Blood Vine Series. The end has come and Willow has to decide once and for all where her loyalties lie.


Author Amy Richie  has style of writing that reels you in, holds you tight, and does not let go till the last word.  The Blood Vine Series is superbly written and the latest release, Ivy, was no exception.

Ivy is the last book in the series and picks up about four years after Fern.  The reader is enlightened as to what transpired during that time.  As readers will recall, at the end of Fern- Book 2, Willow was faced with the task of having to track down and possibly destroy her only sister, Ivy.  Book 2 showed us how much Willow had grown into her role as pack leader.  But in Book 3 when faced with the possibility that she may have to kill her only sister, we see the struggle and strain put on Willow as well as her pack.  The hunt for Ivy and the truth with test the packs’ bond and faith in each other.  Touch decisions will have to be made.  The welfare of the pack must take priority.   But with Willow’s loyalties divided is there only one right solution?

The Blood Vines Series is one of my all-time favorites.  Amy Richie grabs me on page one and takes me on a gripping thrill ride till the end.   I find that once I start reading I cannot stop.  I am anxiously waiting to turn the page in anticipation of what will come next.   It’s that intensity that allows you to read this series multiple times, still enjoy it and discover things you missed before.

~Authored by Lynn

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