Devoted (The Watcher’s Trilogy Book 1) by Katherine Polillo

  Author: Katherine Polillo
  Published: June 11, 2013
  Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
  Paperback 232 pages
  Rated on
  YA,  Angels, Fantasy, Romance
Can love conqueror all? Michelle has managed to survive high school against all odds, but now she finds herself floating adrift in “the real world.” With two horsemen defeated, there are still two unaccounted for, and surely they are plotting her immediate demise. Michelle leaves her small New Jersey town behind to venture off west. Barely able to comprehend her role as humanity’s savior she now has to grapple with some new roles and identities. With her Watcher, Gabriel, by her side she must again face the evils of Hell and attempt to keep her family safe. Will love conquer all or will till death do us part come too soon?


“My heart shattered…I let out a choked sob that hardly expressed my feelings .  I wanted to wail, to scream, but my throat and voice refused…the noise that left my throat didn’t encompass the Earth shattering pain I felt.  My chest was tight, so tight it felt hard to breathe.  I began to pant in my panic, I was so dizzy I collapsed to the ground as the world around me spun…tears run from my eyes…and darkness consumed me.”  Excerpt from Devoted by Katherine Polillo

For me the sign of a great book is the emotions it erupts in you as you read it.  I literally felt Michelle’s emotions as I read Devoted.  My throat tightened.  My pulse quickened.  My breaths came in short   shallow bursts.  I held tightly as I was washed over in the intensity the author was able to translate into words.  Katherine Polillo is a true artist with her words. For those of you familiar with the series and have read Destine, Devoted picks up immediately where Destine ended.  Having defeated 2 of the four horseman and with Cami and her Michelle’s mom safely at Aunt Karen’s, Michelle and Gabriel strike out to continue her quest.  Now for those of you who remember the action packed Book 1, let me tell you that Devoted is more focused on the story of Michelle and Gabriel.  Trust me.  In the end the story comes full circle and you will definitely have an “aha” moment. 

~Authored by Lynn


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