Bane (The Devil’s Roses Book 2) by Tara Brown


 Author:  Tara Brown


 Published: April 3,2012

 Published by: Tara Brown

 Ebook 273 pages


Aimee is now a Devil’s Rose. She has a ring that makes her brand of deadly force acceptable. She has killed every flavor of bad. Vampires, shifters, weres, demons, Nephilim. She has lived through nearly every kind of loss, and yet that still can’t prepare her for the arrival of Ari. Tattoo’s, piercings, scars, and a poor attitude are pasted across the girl’s face when she arrives at the old haunted house where Aimee has found refuge. The problem with Ari, this isn’t Ari. She isn’t the girl she was a day ago. She’s something else.   Something powerful and dark and dangerous.  Something very few have ever seen.


I don’t how Tara Brown keeps it all straight in her head.  She has got to be OCD.  I just finished Bane, the second book in the Devil’s Roses series, and all I can say is WOW!  I enjoyed Cursed (book one) but it had nothing on Bane.  Bane is non stop action from page one.  We pick up with what Aimee has been up to and how she has progressed to become a Rose.  Aimee is living in a boarding style home with other Roses including Aleks.  Its kind of run by Lydia who helps new recruits learn about their powers before going to New York for Rose training. We also get introduced to Ari who possess more power than Lydia could have imagined.  While Ari is trying to control her power and suppress the “other Ari” she repeatedly changes the lives of everyone around her while rewriting her past over and over again as well.  Even the slightest difference alters everyone’s course around her.  It’s a definite page turner.  You may even need to keeps notes to keep up with the ever changing lives of the residents at Lydia’s.  This book has it all; romance, paranormal, fights.  My heart broke over and over for Aimee as each new life hurt her more and more.  Ari is a hot mess, just trying to figure out her place in the Roses, keeping her power under control and finding her way back to her first love.  With all that is happening Tara still throws in a few surprises for the audience.


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