The White Door (The Vistor’s Series Book 3)

Author:  Christy Sloat
Publisher:  Anchor Group Publishing
Published: March 3, 2014
YA, Paranormal, Ghost; Thriller


In Brylee’s world, nothing is normal. She sees and speaks with the dead and, at seventeen years old, she already has a full plate. She’s in her senior year of high school and college is just around the corner, but only if she learns to control her gifts and survive in the land of the living. Brylee has succeeded in ridding her boyfriend, Ephraim, from the Brown family curse; but, in the end, her best friend loses her life. Now a whole slew of new problems present itself and, like always, Brylee is tempted to run for the hills. With Ephraim at her side, she must come to grips with the reality that she is not an average girl and she never will be.
What will happen when the town turns on her? Or, better yet, when a body is unearthed in her backyard? The choices that Brylee must make will determine whether she has a future or nothing at all


I spent Valentine’s 2014 giddy with excitement at finally getting my hands on The White Door. This is the highly anticipated Book 3 of The Visitor’s Series. I can safely say that it was all that I expected and more. There are big changes in store for all the players this time around.

Through this series we have watched Brylee Branson develop her talent as a medium and grow from a selfish, spoiled brat into a caring, selfless young woman. Despite losing her best friend, Lynley Mayhew, Brylee comes out stronger and more determined to harness her ability as a medium. With the help of Hala, she sets out to do just that. Ephraim also plays a bigger, better role this time around. He is no longer just the sappy teenage boy next door. Ephraim has grown in a man and protector for the Branson family.

We open with Brylee starting her senior year of high school. Ephraim living in the spare bedroom with the Bransons and Mr. & Mrs. Branson seriously considering moving back to California. Brylee is also working with Hala to help better understand her abilities and is applying that talent to bring hope and relief to others. As a hurricane hits Wilson, New Jersey secrets are brought to light. The town is rocked once again by occurrences at the Brown House and its people turn on the Branson family and the house itself. Enter Evangeline, who has returned to regain her power that is locked away in the Brown House. She will stop at nothing to get back her power and cut down anyone who gets in her way. Brylee must find a way to protect herself from Evangline’s attacks, harness her powers, and help restless ghosts find peace to cross over all while trudging through her senior year of high school. Her life is nothing if not complicated.

If you are new to this series I strongly recommend you read it in order. You will not be disappointed. The Brown House lays the foundation for an excellent story. The Crimson Key dives right into the action as the curse continues. Finally The White Door gives you the closure you have been waiting for. This spine tingling, edge of your seat series that will grip its readers from page one.


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