Unfound (The Visitor’s Series 2.5 Kayla’s Story) by Christy Sloat


Author:  Christy Sloat


Published: September 2013

Publisher:  Anchor Group Publishing





Kayla Hart was loved by some, but not all. There were whispers that as a witch. Most chose to believe she was merely a misguided freak. The sad truth was that as just unpopular and a bit shy. When Kayla went missing, everyone pretended to care. The entire community scoured her small New Jersey town looking for her. But this tragic story has no hero. Kayla’s disappearance would remain a mystery. Only she knows why, and what happened the night she became … Unfound,



We are introduced to Kayla in the first two books of The Visitors Series, The Brown House and The Crimson Key.  Unfound is Kayla’s story.  I immediately connected with the character.  Kayla is in high school, doesn’t fit in with the “it crowd” and is bullied by other students.  While Kayla puts up a good front that being popular isn’t important to her, she like most girls her age really just longs to fit in and be accepted.  Through this short novella the reader gets a glimpse into her life and struggles.  I was ecstatic to see that Kayla does find love and acceptance before the night of the séance that ended her life in the woods near the Brown House.  Unfound adds new depth to the other books in the series and is a great short read.  I definitely recommend it if you are a fan of The Visitors Series and are like me, in limbo awaiting the release of The White Door.


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