Hidden Demons ( A S.P.I.R.I.T Novel) by Dawn Gray

Author: Dawn Grayhiddendemons

Website: http://dawngrayauthor.com/

Published: February 5, 2014

Publisher:  Anchor Group Publishing

Mystery & Thrillers, History, Science Fiction & Fantasy


In the quiet Northeast Kingdom town of Aldenville, surrounded by beautiful mountains and a lake that crosses borders, something is amiss.  Construction begins in the midst of protest, which only escalates when the remains of an ancient skeleton is found. Suddenly, the ground opens up to reveal a hidden cavern below the town itself. Special Agent Scott Embry of the S.P.I.R.I.T unit is flown in from Washington when the leader of the dig site goes missing. Their only witness, her best friend, Peighton Weak, is a Speleologist who was brought in to lead the team of cave divers. Their plan is to go down into the depth of the darkness to explore the strange writings that cover the dig site and bring about the mysterious beginnings of Aldenville.  Along with the help of Evan Reed, a peculiar man himself, the team begins to uncover the secret beginnings of Aldenville and its hidden demons, some which span over five centuries.


“Beware what evil lurks in the heart of man, for just one deed will set the monster free.” Dawn Gray

When Peighton Weaks witnesses her best friend Dell murdered, she cannot believe her eyes.  From a deep dark cavern below a monster slithered up and devoured Dell.  Peighton, frozen in fear is rescued by the mysterious Evan Reed before she could become dessert.  As quickly as Evan appeared he disappeared.  Leaving Peighton frightened and confused as to what she just witnessed.  After sharing her horrific tale with local FBI agent Keri, he calls in Special Agent, Scott Embry. Scott is a member of the S.P.I.R.I.T. team.  An unusual, unorthodox group that investigates paranormal activities.  Peighton and Scott have a past connection and the sexual tension between this is palpable. Between solving Dell’s murder, discovering an ancient creature known as the Ekimmu and trying to save a town bent on keeping this monster a secret and containing it, will they have time for love?

Hidden Demons is Indiana Jones meets the Winchesters of Supernatural.  It has a little something for everyone.  Murder, mystery, supernatural centuries old creatures and even a little romance.  This is the first book I have read by Dawn Gray.  I am looking forward to reading additional selections in this series. 


~~For more info click on the book cover

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