Review: The Bionics Series Books 1-4






Author:  Alicia Michaels
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
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YA, Romance, Science Fiction

The Bionics Series is a group of short (120-150 pages) stories meant to be read as a group. This is not a stand alone book. In order to fully understand and comprehend the reader needs to read the series in order. Each book is told in a different characters POV. In doing so the author gives you a unique understanding of all sides. Honestly from the synopsis I didn’t think I would like this book. Sci Fi, dystopian type books are not my genre, but Bionics surprised me. The series is based on a group of outcasts called the Bionics. The US Government who made them after the horrific bombings that shattered the land and its people, has now turned against them and sees the Bionics as a threat. Due to the mechanics of having titanium legs, bionic eyes and Kevlar skin the government is scared that with the Bionics physical superiority they may take over. The Government declares that all Bionics must be destroyed thus making the Bionics fugitives on the run. The Government also runs false propaganda against them to turn the “normal people” against them. The Bionics as a whole are not a violent people and want to live normally as they did before. Striving to maintain their way of life the Bionics are forced to live in refuge camps in hiding. Teams go out in search of others like them and bring them back to city they have created. This is a great series that showcases the heart of the human spirit. It shows us that our differences are what make us who we are and that those differences should be embraced and not ridiculed or punished.

Bionics (Book 1)

In Book 1 the reader is introduced to the Resistance. A group of Bionics that strive to be accepted and live in a world that shuns them. The main character, Blythe, is well developed. You feel her struggles and the reader connects to her story. Blythe saw her family gunned down because they refused to turn her over to the Military Police to be destroyed. She fights the demons inside her daily and with the help of her friend, Dax, she copes. Her salvation is in finding and rescuing others like her.

It is a well written opening book. You do have to read Book Two to finish the story.

Titanium (Book 2)

Book 2, Titanium, picks up immediately where Book 1 ended so you will not be disappoint. There is not a recap so you need to read the series in order. Again, I have to say that this is not my genre but the author, Alicia Michaels, does an excellent job of painting a canvas of a post apocalyptic world that sucks me in every time. I am compelled to complete this series.

Book 2 is written from the view point of Dax. We get his shady back story and well as a gruff look at the Resistance and their plan to rescue the hostages and other Bionics by storming the Capital. The romance that he wants between himself and Blythe is explored in Book 2 also. Don’t be fooled. This is no sappy love story. The action and suspense grips all pages. You won’t be able to put this book down. Once again we end with a conflict so moving on to Book 3 is a must!

Secrets (Book 3)

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Alicia Michaels and her Bionics Series. These stories play out in my head like a television series. Mrs. Michael’s vivid descriptions of the post bombed U.S. and the part human, part machine Bionics comes alive in my imagination. I am so glad I gave this series a shot. I haven’t been able to put it down.

Secrets is action packed just like the books before it. This installment is told form the POV of Gage. There is never a dull moment in this series. Gage, Dax, Blythe, the Professor, and others stage a rescue for Olivia and other Bionics from the prison in Washington D.C. Of course dangers and unexpected chaos arises. The team gets separated and receives aid from a very unlikely source, The Rejects. This doesn’t come without a price. As the title suggests, secrets are revealed and lives are changed forever. I cannot wait to pick up Spark and continue this storyline!

Spark (Book 4)

In the fourth installment of The Bionics Series, Spark picks up with the Resistance battling the Rejects as well as battling the negative propaganda perpetrated by the Government. This installment is told from the POV of Blythe. Blythe has endured a lot in the previous books and you really see her come out in this book. Without giving away spoilers, get ready to see the kick ass side of Blythe as she emerges into a warrior in the battle against the Rejects. The Resistance also gets some unlikely help from a former Army Corporal. Look for something that Gage said back in Book 3 to create a “spark” in book 4.

As I have said in previous reviews of this series, I didn’t think I would like it but wanted to give the author a shot. This has been a great, exciting, fast paced series. I am now in the midst of a book hangover until another installment is released.


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