Review: Destined for Darkness

Author: Lucian Barnes
Published: November 18, 2013
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
E Book: 206 pages
Rating on
Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy




Frank Mancini had suffered with his abusive mother for many years, until the day that he snapped. After telling his friend, Johnny, about the incident, his friend encouraged him to leave Misty Hollows. Taking his advice, Frank journeyed across the country to California hoping for a fresh start. Shortly after his arrival, he met a beautiful woman. He was determined to hide his dark past from her, especially after finding out that she was a psychic, able to see both the past and the future of anyone she came into contact with. He managed to hide his secrets from her until several years after they’d gotten married and started a family. Fearing that she would turn him in to the police, he killed her. Not realizing that his son, George, witnessed this act, Frank decided to take him back to Misty Hollows. How would the memory of his mother’s death effect young George? Would he follow in his father’s footsteps? Journey through the years, from infancy to adulthood, with George to see if he can resist the inner darkness.

Destined for Darkness is the first book I have read by Lucian Barnes.  All I can say is WOWZERS!  This thrill ride sucks you in immediately and won’t let go.

At first, you feel sorry for Frank Mancini.  He is severely abused by his mother and his dad seems oblivious to it all.  After years of torture, Frank snaps brutally killing and mutilating his mother.  Frank leaves Ohio and starts a new life in California.  There he meets a wonderful girl, April, quickly falls in love and starts a family.  Just as you start to feel that Frank deserves some happiness, he begins to kill again.  He even goes so far as to kill his wife, April, in front of their young son, George.  With his life in California destroyed, Franks decides to return home to Ohio to raise George. The story doesn’t end here.  The reader follows George growing up in Misty Hollows.  As George gets older, he begins to learn secrets about his father.  Secrets that shatter and disgust George forcing him to leave home.  It becomes evident that George is following a very similar path as Frank did all those years ago.  Will the sins of the father be revisited upon the son?

Lucian Barnes has a way of bringing crazy to the table so everyone can understand it.  With hints of a Stephen King like style he seems to have a flare for the demented.  His books reel you in, gripping you till the end and then relinquish you long enough to give you nightmares that night.


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